The Current Issue consists of four scientific articles that display the research outcomes of Post-graduate students at Al-Najaf Technical Engineering college, Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University (ATU) / Iraq. 

Published: 2021-08-15


Effect of Additives on Enhancing the Heat Transfer of Large Oil-Transformer Radiator in Transmission Grid

Aymen Al-Tememe, Zaid M. Al-Dulaimi, Hassanain Gh. Hameed
Abstract 322 | PDF Downloads 10

Page 10 - 22

The Impact of Surface Temperature on the Performance of Photovoltaic Cells: Review

Sarah Yahya Hattam Al-Maliki, Mahdi Hatf Kadhum Aboaltabooq
Abstract 362 | PDF Downloads 4

Page 23 - 35

New Design of Cylindrical Solar Still with Hemispherical Dome

Mohammad Abd Al Amir Khadim, Wisam A. Abd AL-Awahid, Dhafer Hachim
Abstract 330 | PDF Downloads 10

Page 36 - 46