New Design of Cylindrical Solar Still with Hemispherical Dome

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Mohammad Abd Al Amir Khadim
Wisam A. Abd AL-Awahid
Dhafer Hachim


solar still, solar energy, hemispherical, cylindrical, thermal efficiency


Under Al-Najaf city weather conditions, cylindrical solar still with a hemispheric dome (CSSHD) was designed, manufactured, and tested. To maximize its absorption, the trough was made of black brass material that pained black with a circular shape (0.13m diameter). The cover is made of glass (0.3m) length, (0.15m) outer diameter, (0.142m) inner diameter, and (0.002m) thickness. Numerous experiments were conducted to observe the behavioral variation inside the still. The experimental study investigated the effects of solar radiation, basin height of (0, 10, 20) cm, and wind speed of CSSHD on the productivity of solar still and temperature distribution inside the still during three months (Dec 2019, Feb and June 2020). The results showed that the maximum productivity is in June at a basin height of 20 cm reaches (6.6) L/ The variation of still output with high resistivity of trough (0,10.20) cm showed that the optimal productivity was achieved over 20cm height on the selected day (1.4, 1.6, and 6.6) L/, respectively.

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