Effect of Additives on Enhancing the Heat Transfer of Large Oil-Transformer Radiator in Transmission Grid

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Aymen Al-Tememe
Zaid M. Al-Dulaimi
Hassanain Gh. Hameed


Large Transformer Radiator, Mineral oil, Fans, Oil pump


The current paper aims to experimentally investigate the cooling capacities of the transformer radiator following two different cooling methodologies. The first method used oil direct air natural (ODAN), based on a free convection heat transfer. The second method follows the forced convection principle in an oil blunt air force (ODAF) that requires an air-blower fan to cool the oil. Hence two fans of the same properties were used with an average speed of 6.5 m/s. Both experiments were performed with an inlet oil temperature of (70°C) when the oil flows of (1, 2, 3 l/m). Maximum cooling capacity showed an acceptable improvement when using an oil flow rate of 3 l/m. It was 2620 Watts for the transformer utilizing the ODAF method of cooling. On the other hand, the transformer with ODAN cooling method reached only 1908 Watts.

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