The is the second Issue of the 1st Volume of Al-Furat Journal of Innovations in Mechanical and Sustainable Energy Engineering (FJIMSE) released on 13 February 2021. FJIMSE Journal is published by Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University (ATU) / Iraq. This Issue contains five scientific articles that display the research outcomes conducted by researchers and postgraduate students of Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University (ATU).  

Published: 2021-02-13


A Review on Improvement Techniques of Freshwater Productivity for Solar Distillation Systems

Hawraa, Qahtan A Abed2, Dhafer Manea Hachim
Abstract 20 | PDF Downloads 24

Page 1-15

Solar Still Productivity Improvement Techniques and Recent Advancements: Review Study

Zahraa Faisal, Hassnien Ghani Hameed
Abstract 16 | PDF Downloads 16

Page 31-54

Experimental Investigation on Performance of Fresnel lens Concentrator in Iraqi Climate

Ahmed Hussain Obaid Ajaam, Assaad Al Sahlani, Adel A Eidan
Abstract 8 | PDF Downloads 12

Page 55-63

Nano-Fluids as a Coolant for Automotive Engine Radiators: Review Study

Karaar Mahdi Alaraji, Dhafer Manea Hachim, M. A. Almoussawi
Abstract 27 | PDF Downloads 21

Page 64-78