Al-Furat Journal of Innovations in Electronics and Computer Science (FJIECE) is pleased to publish its third issue from the first volume for 2020. This issue contains Four scientific articles representing the outcomes of various research topics carried out by researchers at Al-Najaf Technical College of Engineering-Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University (ATU)/Republic of Iraq and University of Technology/Baghdad-Iraq.  

Published: 2020-09-15


An Approach to Hide an Audio File in Image Using LSB Technique

Mohammed Majid Msallam
Abstract 393 | PDF Downloads 25

Page 1-7

Multiple Transceivers for IEEE802.16 Mesh Network to Avoid Confusion Routing and Scheduling

Thanaa H Yousif, Bashar J Hamza
Abstract 382 | PDF Downloads 26

Page 8-13

Home Energy Management and Monitoring Using Ubidots Platform

Noor Saleh Mohammed, Nasir Hussein Selman
Abstract 459 | PDF Downloads 45

Page 14-21

Evaluation Performance of Two-Dimensional Multi-Diagonal Code Using Polarization and Wavelength of OCDMA System

Haidar S. Zaeer Dhaam, Faris Mohammed Ali, Ahmed Ghanim Wadday
Abstract 441 | PDF Downloads 23

Page 22-29