An Approach to Hide an Audio File in Image Using LSB Technique

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Mohammed Majid Msallam


Steganography, Cryptography, LSB, image hiding


Recently, the world is interested in moving data between various devices. When The data transfer over the internet, maybe it attacks and reads or modifies on containing it. So, Data transmission must be encrypted before sending it to read and interpret by the intended receiver. Thus, information security is more critical than it used to be. This paper reflects the implementation of the two Least Significant Bit (LSB) techniques is named sequential LSB and sorted LSB. It is done by embedding a secret audio file into a cover file of the image using the LSB techniques with an approach to choose the hiding index. The work proposed uses the conventional approach to the LBS techniques under the name sequential LSB as the basic steganography model to compare my algorithm which called sorted LSB. Based on results, the sorted LSB produces is the same sequential LSB in which the stego image is not recognized by human eyes, but the security more complex than the LSB sequential.

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