Experimental Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement by Turbulence Generator in Side Pipe

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Hazim Al-Zurfi


Thermal Performance Coefficient, Turbulent Flow, Heat Transfer Enhancement, Nusselt Number, Friction Factor


The enhancement of heat transfer exchangers is an important matter of concern for achieving more efficient thermal energy conversion systems. The use of modified twisted tape (TT) inserts as a passive heat transfer augmentation technique is an efficient way of improving heat transfer. Twisted tape insert is one of the passive heat transfer enhancement techniques that are widely used in various applications for heat transfer, such as air conditioning and cooling systems, heat recovery systems, Processes, procedures for food and milk, plants for chemical processes. To increase the heat transfer rate of the tubular heat exchanger, in this study a small-scale experimental setup was performed. The heat improvement of the heat exchanger is done using twisted tape inserts with a twist ratio (y=5.5). The effects of two-dimensional parameters namely Nusselt number & friction factor on tubular heat exchanger effectiveness are studied. The turbulent flow was generated by the insertion into the test pipe of the twisted tape inserts, producing a high turbulence rate in the pipe, resulting in an increase in turbulence. And hence the enhancement of heat transfer and drop in pressure. The length and width of the insert were 1000 mm and 21.5 mm respectively. The diameter of the test pipe outside & inside is 23 mm and 22 mm respectively. The length of the test section is 2000 mm. The study is carried out for the Reynold number regime (500-6500). The results show that The maximum enhancement for Nu number at Re 500 was 32% that of the plain tube.

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