About the Journal

Al-Furat Journal of Innovations in Management Sciences (AFJIMS) is an online peer-reviewed quarterly International journal. The journal publishes original and high-quality papers which focus on identifying problems and using innovative management theories and new management methods to provide solutions. AFJIMS prefers papers with practical background, clear problem description, understandable physical and mathematical models, operable algorithms, and successful practical applications. All papers submitted to AFJIMS should be never previously published in any journal or presented and published in a conference or undergoing such process. Submitted papers should meet the internationally accepted criteria and manuscripts should follow the style of the journal for the purpose of reviewing.

Since the 2022 academic year, the FJIMS Journal will release four Issues on the 1st March, June, September, and December.   

Research Topics: All areas of Accounting and Finance, Statistics, Business, Management, Marketing, and Information Technology.

Accounting and finance: including, Financial Management, Financial and Management Accounting, Corporate Finance, Banking and Finance, Financial Studies and Markets, Money Markets and Theories, Economics, Micro and Macro Economics, Financial Reporting & Analysis, Decision Analysis, Commercial Banking, Fundamentals of Income Tax, Investments, Islamic Banking.

Management: including, Business Administration, Public Administration, Enterprises Recourse Management, Business Ethics, Managerial Communication, Managerial Economics, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, Alternative Management, Business Law and Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Microeconomics of Competitiveness, Strategic Agribusiness Management.

Marketing: including, Advertising and Promotions Management, Brand Management, Consumer Behavior & Marketing Research, International Marketing, Employees Behavior, Human Practices

Statistics: including, Applied Statistics, Industrial Statistics, Statistical Inference.

Information Technology: including, Data Structure and Algorithms, Data retrieval, E-Business, E-Commerce, E-Government, Information indexing and retrieval, Information System, Internet applications and performances, Internet Services and Applications, Knowledge-based systems, Knowledge management, Management information systems.